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Our Other Companies

OHBD Oceania Hemp Bio Diesel

Australia’s first major commercial Bio Diesel plant using hemp as the base platform. We all know cannabis is a wonder plant but apart from its medicinal uses did you know that certain strains are the ideal base plant to manufacture Bio Diesel? Go to

hemp in flower 1.jpg

Green Magic Hemp

Holding an Australian Growers license for Cannabis has us exploring various strains of Cannabis for many different commercial uses.

hemp in flower.jpg

University of Food Securities GMF

Managing new growth in many ways the University of Food Securities is the leader in both process and technology. We share our expertise with students globally at our secure site in western NSW

UNi of Food.jpg

Green Magic Fresh

Providing out of season fresh produce to the masses. Growing medicinal plants that influence medical science. We grow rare plants that can't be sourced and plants that contribute to the food industry. All part of the Green Magic Fresh offering

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